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About Us

With the efforts and able guidance of our director, Mr. P.C.G Asok Kumar and his wife, Mrs.A.Radhika, the company has touched greater heights.Asok Kumar possess over 25 years of experience in the fireworks industry.

The forte of our company lies in manufacturing and supplying colourful and glittery sparklers.We are equipped with a state of art infrastructural unit and production facility. In order to cater to the growing demands of our clients, we set up two more factories in the year 2004 and 2012 respectively. Our sparklers manufacturing unit has been divided into various departments like pyrotechnic, physics, chemistry, printing, packaging and handcraft.

Currently, our team comprises of 250 employees. Our company also places utmost importance on quality of the sparklers. We conduct stringent quality control tests at every stage of production. We also offer 5 years guarantee* (Condition apply) on every product. All products should be store in dry place.As a firecracker manufacturer, we deem it our responsibility to give back to the environment.

Thus, our company has taken the initiative and planted 5000 neem trees around our production facility. We have also installed a 12 Lakhs litre rain water harvesting plant. All our factories have 10 kV of solar power energy. We are the first company in Sivakasi to have received retail barcode for fireworks.Today, Asok Sparklers is a reputed name in the fireworks industry. Our clients are spread from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.

The sparklers are 100% safe and can be used by children too. For over 17 years, our fireworks are being used at public and private display shows, weddings, parties, gala events, product launches, temple festivals, award ceremonies and sports nights.

What We do

The main forte of our organisation lies in offering a wide variety of sparklers.We manufacture electric sparklers, colourful sparklers and a whole range of premium crackers.

We believe in offering quality products to our customers.Our sparklers are safe and are made from superior quality raw materials such as potassium nitrate, barium nitrate, charcoal powder, paper, board, jute, foils and aluminium powder.The sparklers are manufactured in multiple sizes to suit the varied demands of our

clients.Before delivery, we ensure secure carton packaging of the product.Our sparklers range boasts of some unusual, unique, glittery and colourful functions.For sparklers like 30 cm,50 cm, and 75 cm,We will offer free gift.We also deal with assorted sparklers.

Mission & Vision


To maintain quality of the product in every aspect by offering safe, unique and environmental-friendly sparklers.


To be the market leader in innovative and colourful sparklers.

Our Team


Mr. P. C. G. Asok Kumar


Mrs. A.Radhika


Mr.G. A.Vignesh

Managing Director

Our team comprises of over 250 employees who are familiar with the working in sparklers manufacturing unit.

To ensure a smooth manufacturing process, we have divided the production into various teams like testing, mixing, packaging, delivery and R&D.The core team of Asok Sparklers is Mr. P. C. G. Asok Kumar (Founder), his wife Mrs. A.Radhika and his son Mr.G. A.Vignesh (Managing Director).Mr. Asok has 25 years of experience in the fireworks industry and Mr. Vignesh, is experienced and managing three existing factories of Asok Sparklers.


At Asok Sparklers factory, we have advanced infrastructure at Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu. We have three factories and all are equipped with latest technology and machinery.

Sivakasi is the hub of fireworks and safety matches in India. To ensure a smooth manufacturing process, we have divided the production into various teams like testing, mixing, packaging, printing, delivery and R&D.Our team comprises of over 250 trained employees who has experience in working with firework manufacturing unit.

We have also built a spacious warehouse to meet our vast storage needs. Our warehouse features all the safety norms. Once the sparklers have been manufactured and packed, we store them in the warehouse for delivery. We are equipped with a shrinking tunnel to securely pack the product.

Production Process & Production Capacity

Our sparklers production process is divided into three stages: pre-chemical process, chemical process and post chemical process.

Pre-chemical stage: In this stage, we make use of an offset printing machine, die-cutting machine and laminating machine.

Chemical stage: This stage involves the mixing and filling of various chemicals such as potassium nitrate, barium nitrate, charcoal powder and aluminium powder. We use a special blender for chemical mixing. We also add various chemicals to provide colour, smoke, noise and sparks. Depending on the type of cracker being manufactured, we use special additives. To enhance or subdue the effect of the sparks or to create a fountain of sparks, we use special chemicals. For example, if we are producing an electric or colourful sparkler, we add such pyrotechnic devices that will cause the respective effect.

Post-chemical stage: In the final stage we give the sparklers a final touch. All the products are tested to ensure safe working of the same. We make use of a shrinking tunnel to securely pack the product. We also label the same. Once the product is packed, we store it in our warehouse until delivery.

Every stage of production is monitored by our quality control experts. We also have a research and development department who constantly give their inputs to the working force. We follow a sound production policy and thus we do not employ any child labour at our production facility.In order to cater to the growing demands of our clients, we have also doubled the production capacity. We started off with 130 clients and today we have over 300 clients.

Why Us

For over 17 years now, our company has been involved in offering colourful and innovative sparklers. Our sparklers add spark to any occasion be it a festival, wedding, gala party, sports event or award ceremony.

Below are few points that differentiate our company from other firecracker manufacturers:

  • Sole company to deal in a wide variety of sparklers
  • Our sparklers produce less smoke and more colour
  • 100% safe sparklers for children
  • Sparklers are made from the finest raw materials
  • Equipped with 3 production facilities, latest infrastructure and equipment
  • Offering fancy gift box packing during festivals like Diwali
  • First company in Sivakasi to receive retail barcode for fireworks
  • Offering 5 years manufacturer's guarantee*(Condition apply) on every product.
  • Secure and innovative packaging at attractive prices
  • Corporate social responsibility is our priority
  • Following a client-centric approach since 17 years

Note : Condition apply - Product should be stored in dry place.

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